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Spaghetti Racing

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Author: SimpleShark
First Uploaded: 2021-08-08 18:37:12
Last Updated: 2021-08-09 21:43:45
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 Downloads: 71

200 Checkpoint race, Also the Spaghetti Speedrun.


Welcome to the Spaghetti Race! This is a 200 checkpoint race that is also part of the Spaghetti Speedrun!


You have to go through and grab 195/200 checkpoints in order to finish the race. A timer will tell you how long your lap took.

Spaghetti Racing Mutators:

Time: Unlimited

Boost: Unlimited

Demoes: Disabled

Spaghetti Speedrun Information:

Spaghetti Speedrun is a Speedrun Competition running until 8/20 at 11:50pm PST. You can find all the details about the prize pool, rules and how to submit a time in this video:

Spaghetti Speedrun Mutators are the same as the Spaghetti Racing Mutators.