Rumble 2.0: The Clan War

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Author: EcrasePatate
First Uploaded: 2021-07-21 18:15:46
Last Updated: 2021-07-23 04:07:58
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In "Rumble 2.0: The Clan War" each team can have its own set of power ups!


In "Rumble 2.0: The Clan War" each team can have its own set of power ups! This mod is initially designed to have 2 clans playing against each other: The almighty wizards vs the sneaky ninjas. With different power ups I tried to make a balanced fight between these 2!

Additionally, you have the option to customise the team's set of attacks, to create your own battle with the 20 power ups that this mod offers.

A team with 0 powers vs a team that has them all is perfectly doable!

The mod supports up to 3 players per team.

The Netcode plugin is required[]. If you start the map without it, instructions will appear to help you get it.

You might need the Workshop textures[] to play with other people. I don't think it's required for this mod but if the host has it you will need it to avoid content mismatch. Put it in your game files - rocketleague\TAGame\CookedPCConsole - you can create a folder "mods" and put the workshop textures folder inside, that's it.

Make sure to check the known issues in the discussions below


Any feedback is very welcome as I plan to tweak the systems to make it more enjoyable (power ups duration, targetting distance etc.)

If you encountered a new bug or seem to know how some bugs happen, or even if you everything is fine and you want to share your experience with me, don't hesitate to join my discord or contact me on Twitter! :D

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Special thanks

Thanks to littlestick8bit for designing the icons.

Thanks to Cinderblock for providing the Netcode plugin. This mod could not exist without it!

Thanks to MrPhil for fixing several things in my map like it's nothing :D

Thanks to everyone who supported me, including my playtesters:

Sundr0, GreenGoFantastic, Sparrowhawk, TTHYMETV, Zuratu, Toad, broyo209, Josh420, BalancedWaffle, Atomizer, Kieran_, Shark, Mr.Swaggles, CommunistCowboy, Suarezkid, DieselFuryy (pretty sure I forgot some people)