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Author: Yoshilus
First Uploaded: 2021-07-20 23:23:37
Last Updated: 2021-07-21 07:26:07
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Australian Bumperball League


AFL.....IN ROCKET LEAGUE! As an Aussie, my first map is that of our national sport. AFL! I have created a map as close to the Australian Football League (AFL) (or as us Aussies like to call it, The Footy!) as possible. For those who don't know how our treasured sport is played, I will give a quick summary as this will help with gameplay. How is AFL/ABL played? The middle goal awards 6 points The outer goals, a.k.a scoring a behind, awards 1 point When a behind is scored against a team, they will start with the ball for the kickoff A goal will start the kickoff in the centre of the field as usual Mutators: Boost: Fast recharge or unlimited Feel free to play with any other mutators Features to be added: Boostpads Gridiron compatibility Bug reports and suggestions are more than welcome! Have fun!